I want to write a complex piece of coding that will do several things:

1) It will clear the contents of a folder named "Cache".
2) It will open (if not already) Mozilla Thunderbird.
3) It will find the latest email that starts with a specific title.
4) It will download the files into two folders: One with today's date and one entitled "Cache".
5) It will open Internet Explorer
6) It will navigate to a specific page.
7) It will access a specific link on the page to download a file.
8) It will download this file into Cache and the folder with today's date.
9) It will open these excel spreadsheets in Cache one at a time and edit the columns to make it importable.
10) It will import the files.

I'm a little overwhelmed with what I'm trying to do. How, if I can, can I have VBA Access access Thunderbird? SimpleMAPI?

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since you got all the things in your mind, why not start coding. And if you have doubts whether vba Access should be able to access Thunderbird, why not make a simple code to do it first, so that you'll be able to check the limitations.

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