i want to export all data in sql 2005 database to excel file but i don't know!
Please help me!
Thanks so much!

Export data through c# code?
Otherwise, from SQL Server Management Studio, right click on your database -> Tasks -> Export Data and follow the steps from the wizard. In the second windows ,"Choose destination", select Microsoft Excel.


Thank u your reply,but i want to using code.when user press a button,it will export data in sql 2005 to excel file.

Thanks your reply!

i want to export Selected sql database from dropdownlist to excel sheet
plz reply fast

Ok, some methods have been given already but here's a couple of tutorials to help with different ways of getting DB info to Excel spreadsheet format.

First is a tutorial to do it directly from MS SQL Server

Second is a tutorial on doing it in VB.Net and C# which also includes exports to other file types as well.

Hope this helps :) Mark as solved if your problem has been resolved.

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