I am using savesetting and getsetting in vb6, W2k. I am still in the testing stage. The savesetting and get setting are working correctly. I would now like to use the deletesetting function to remove the registry entry but I have found no examples to initiate this function. I want to know if this is a stand-alone operation running from an independent Sub, and how to remove the settings manually or if the following code will accomplish the desired solution.

Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)

SaveSeting "Project1", textboxes", "text1",Text1.Text
Rem DeleteSetting "Project1", "textboxes"

End Sub

If during the testing period I Rem the SaveSetting and remove the Rem on the DeleteSetting would this accomplish what I am trying to do?

George Ingram


Any Help will be appreciated

Thanks for your prior help

Thank You Again In Advance

The way you have it now, it will delete all settings in the section when you do your change and if you only have one, then it will work, but if you have multiple, then it could cause some problems.

Good Luck