Hi ,
I am developing a windows application in C#.I have a table with questions and answers.

When my page loads all the questions in the table will get displayed as link labels,where these linklabels are created dynamically based on the number of questions in the table.

I have a problem here.How can I implement the following?

* If a link a clicked ,the corresponding answer must be taken from db.
(Since there is no referance to the text in the linklabel(dynamically created) I could get the WHERE clause for my query)

I need help from u asap...please..
thank u..

Look... You should write the query to have the question answer.
SELECT Question, ...., Answer, then you set the navigation property of the Dynamic Link created to the [Answer] column returned -Here I suppose you're using DataGridView- if you tell me how the database looks like, definitely I'll help you better.

Table has five columns viz..question id,question ,answer,date and name.One question may have any answers.I want the output in the following format..

At present I have datagridview for this..will it fits for my requirement? S there any other control that helps me better ?