Hello folks

I have a created a listview who has a save, delete , edit , update

My problem is I want to higlight the rows that ive been added to my listview

for ex. i have fillup all my following textboxes
then after that when i click save the data that i want to add unto my list view
must be higlighted can you help me onto my problem folks
hoping for you kindness and charming heart

God bless you all folks
thank you very much

Hi cabsjonel,

Use the following code.

Dim NewLItem as ListItem
Set NewLItem = lvUsers.ListItems.Add(, , Text1.Text) 'Text1 is a text you want to add to list view
    Set lvUsers.SelectedItem = NewLItem 'sets highlight to added item of list view
    Set NewLItem = Nothing

Hope this helps