Hi all , I got some questions about wrapping my applicatio so it can work when I hand it out to the user :

First : How can I have an icon that appears in "Installed" folder and in the top of my application window instead of Python Icon ?? (Icon dimension ??)

Second : How can I add Audio, Picture or any other file with my SIS file so my program can use them later ??

In my code I use a preview a picture , and I added it manually in this path :

But when I moved it ,My Installed program showing an error , How can I make

PyS60Appication Packager Combine these resources in the SIS ??

I hope my questions are clear , And I'm sure it's basic questions for Python experst.

Many thanks in advance. And I got alot of questions .... Be patient

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You must use the ensymble tool provided with the sdk to make the sis file.

For the icons and the rest of the stuff it's mainly through the use of the appuifw module.

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