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Does anyone know good and reliable "Open Source"object oriented database for use with c#.
My Database will contain about 500 mb to 1 Gb of data.


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Thanks for the reply..

I want an open source OODB as this will be free to use.


Thanks for u r reply..
Correct me if I am wrong.. but are'nt SqlLite and MySQL Relational databases and not Object oriented databases ?


Try Eloquera Database - it is a native .NET object database.

Eloquera http://www.eloquera.com originally designed and developed for use in the Web environment and it’s designed as native .NET application in C#.

Eloquera wasn’t ported from Java as many other databases.

Eloquera natively as part of architecture supports:

- Save the data with a single line of code

// Create the object we would like to work with. 
Movie movie = new Movie() 
    Location = "Sydney", 
    Year = 2010, 
    OpenDates = new DateTime[] { new DateTime(2003, 12, 10), new DateTime(2003, 10, 3) } }; 

// And here is where the magic begins... 
// Store the object - no conversion required. 

- Since most of the users in the Web come from relational database world it was natural for Eloquera to support SQL and LINQ

in SQL

var movies = db.ExecuteQuery("select Movie where Year between 1956 and 1970");


var movies = from Movie m in db where (m.Year >= 1956) && (m.Year <= 1970) select m;

- Simultaneous user access

- Security settings

- Has genuine C/S architecture, has desktop mode available

- Max database size 1TB+, in a large data scale Eloquera maintains the fast query response; it has patents pending technologies including virtual file system, indexing, and adaptive cache. Eloquera has state of the art reflection written in MSIL that allows Eloquera to outperform many databases that use Microsoft’s standard reflection.

- Supports in-memory database for the fast data processing

- EF support is due next month

Some of the distinguished points

- Eloquera is FREE for commercial use. You are not required to pay any royalties. All features above you have for FREE.

- Eloquera has a commercial support available.

- Eloquera is designed for the modern world with modern architecture. It was not adapting from time to time to market needs. It is natural part of Eloquera’s architecture.

The latest Eloquera Database installation can be found here


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Just a note on db4o - your application must be GPL open source to use it. Otherwise it'll cost you 1,500USD per copy.

There is a big difference between being "Open Source" and free.


Thanks for u r reply..
Correct me if I am wrong.. but are'nt SqlLite and MySQL Relational databases and not Object oriented databases ?

Yes, sorry! I'll read more carefully next time. :S

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