i do need some help related to combox:

1) m making my project and in that have used combox for selecting various options and had inserted the item , suppose i had entered MBA, BCA, MCA, B.E.
in the begging i have used database to enter marks per semester(i.e. upto 8th sem) now my problem arises that some have courses for 3 year(means upto 6th sem) some have courses for 4 year(upto 8th sem) how to disable the text boxes which have course upto 3 year only or less.
2)how to restrict the marks to be entered upto 100

Do help me with relevant code.thnx in advance

Hi anku123,
For your combobox related problem see my attached help. And for your second question I would suggest the following code.

'checks if txtMark is between 0 and 100
If txtMark > 100 Or txtMark < 0 Then
'displays message
MsgBox "Marks should be between 0 and 100, please type again.", vbOKOnly, "Invalid Entry"
'clears data in txtMark
txtMark = ""
'set focus to txtMark
End If

Hope this helps

If you are keeping the data of various courses in a Master you can keep the number of semesters with the Name as below
Course_Name Course_Sems
M.C.A 6
M.B.A 4
B.C.A 2
B.E. 8 Likewise....

Now depending upon the no. of sems you can ENABLED = TRUE OR FALSE the Marks Text Box

Try it ... Good Luck