I have design a window application form in 1440X900pixel resolution(which I dont aware of this could cause a problem). When I move this application to other PC with different resolution(or shows on a projector that only support low resolution), thing change nasty, all the control is out of shape. Any Idea, hints to workaround?I do notice there is a "AutoScaleMode" in the form properties, but dont know how to make use of it.

Another proplem is, I have a printpreview function in my application which preview the contains of the richtextbox. When the loaded rtf file is around 2MB, The generating preview process become terrible slow(roughly 3sec per page).Is it normal?

Private Sub PrintDocument1_PrintPage(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintPageEventArgs) Handles PrintDocument1.PrintPage
        ' page that will be printed
        Static intCurrentChar As Int32 = 0
        ' declaring a static variable to hold the position of the last printed char
        Dim font As New Font("Calibri", 8)
        ' initializing the font to be used for printing

        'If PrintDocument2.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape Then
        '    Dim intTemp As Int32
        '    intTemp = PrintAreaHeight
        '    PrintAreaHeight = PrintAreaWidth
        '    PrintAreaWidth = intTemp
        '    ' if the user selects landscape mode, swap the printing area height and width
        'End If

        Dim intLineCount As Int32 = CInt(PrintAreaHeight / font.Height)
        ' calculating the total number of lines in the document based on the height of
        ' the printing area and the height of the font
        Dim rectPrintingArea As New RectangleF(marginLeft, marginTop, PrintAreaWidth, PrintAreaHeight)
        ' initializing the rectangle structure that defines the printing area
        Dim fmt As New StringFormat(StringFormatFlags.LineLimit)
        'instantiating the StringFormat class, which encapsulates text layout information
        Dim intLinesFilled, intCharsFitted As Int32
        e.Graphics.MeasureString(Mid(Form1.l.RichTextBox1.SelectedText, intCurrentChar + 1), font, New SizeF(PrintAreaWidth, PrintAreaHeight), fmt, intCharsFitted, intLinesFilled)
        ' calling MeasureString to determine the number of characters that will fit in
        ' the printing area rectangle
        e.Graphics.DrawString(Mid(Form1.l.RichTextBox1.SelectedText, intCurrentChar + 1, intCharsFitted), font, Brushes.Black, rectPrintingArea, fmt)
        ' print the text to the page
        intCurrentChar += intCharsFitted
        'advancing the current char to the last char printed on this page
        'If intCurrentChar < PrintString.Length Then
        If intCurrentChar < Form1.l.RichTextBox1.SelectedText.Length Then
            'Remove printed text from string
            e.HasMorePages = True
            e.HasMorePages = False
            'Restore string after printing
            intCurrentChar = 0
        End If

    End Sub

Any help/hint/guide will be greatly wellcome^o^

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Look like


took a lot of time to execute when the file loaded become bigger@@ i try to fix the


,and comment out the


,generating preview process can run very fast, but the preview output seem trimed(part of it missing)

......still figuring a way to work around it


I have settle the printpreview issue myself, I use linecontrol rather than string measure to cut dwn the execytion time, maybe not the best approach, but atleast consider solve by now 2Mb Rtf preview in 20s:)

Now the only left problem is the screen resolution problem, anyone might have any idea?

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