i am doing attendance monitoring system for student only not for staffs
and only concern lectures have the privilages to mark the attendance (if one staff taking the class then another one cannot mark the attendance for same period

so help me to design er-model and data base design and diagram

stud detail(reg-no,name , addr,sem,prg,batch)
staff detail(staff-id,staff-name,course-id)
course detail(course-id,course-name,prg,batch,sem)
stud register to course(reg-no,course-id,course-name,sem,prg,batch,staff-id)

Allowing teachers to have the address of the student could get you into trouble. Also, more than one student could live at the same address. So best bet is to move the address information to another table all by itself. Same can be said for semester information, classes, and so on.

Course information and staff information should be in seperate tables

Course information and year/semester course if offered should be two different tables

Registration to a course should at least have the student ID... (student ID, Class Offering ID (combination of course id and year/semester class offered(3rd table between the two)), Staff ID)

Best bet is to use the old Mark I recording devices (Pencil and Paper) and design yor database to 3rd normal form. Then design in security whether that is going to be front end or back end compliance. After that, for a system like this, you may also want to build in audit tracking so someone can make sure those users are not getting to where they should not be.

Then go into your program design functionality and how it works or will work with your database design.

Good Luck

you know what we have same concept for our thesis but we are only focusing on club

use thumb reader for the registratiion

sir i need architecture diagram for payroll and Inventory management system
and this is desktop application and have only one user i.e admin only

Employee details
Stock details
Attendance details
Payroll details

>In employee we can add,edit,and delete the employee
>In attendance details-this is shift based one.1 shift=8hours, 1.5 shift means 12 hours
payroll is based on attendance only
>Stock details- it include inward and outward stock.

so please help me to design the architecture diagram for thos.

Well as I have advised others in the past... I suggest that you get out the ole Mark I recording devices (pencil and paper) and write down you data requirements. Normalize your requirements. Then design your interface...

Good Luck

sir.... i need to know how to design a database for "attendance management system using mobile phones with WiFi connections"

what about the database design for monitoring and inventory system for a particular physics laboratory... thanks

I am A information Technology students and our instructor asked us to do a Entity Relationship Diagram for Attendance System for a company.
Can you please help me to do one?
Your help will be highly appreciated:)

i was doing actually a monitoring for back end i need resoures to fulfill our thesis for monitoring repair of gadgets .

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