I develop dynamic in-line assembler for python.
Its very easy to use it from python and know you can optimize some
routine in assembly language and use it directly from python.
Its support both windows and Linux.
If you are interest you can take look on web-page, http://www.tahir007.com
If you do take a look i would like to hear you opinions about this project.

Thanks anyway!

TrustyTony commented: Nice project +1

Go ahead, nice project.

You do not consider wide availability of Python to many different architectures. You should put mention like "currently working with Intel x86 based processors" to your project page.

I would love to put some of my old Acorn Archimedes ARM2 code to test by module like this in pyS60 on my Nokia N82.

Would be fun to support some 'game emulators' or QEMU for cross platform assembly. Performance would not be so good in those cases, but would be nice learning way or for a dose of nostalgy.

I liked it, I've tried some other assembly modules some time ago, and I just found them not so well going.

For the architecture I'm with Tony, about the ARM also, I've been programming for symbian in the last weeks, and I would love it also to have some mobile code sweetness.


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