hi everyone,

Im doing a project of creating a office application.I want to to add all the options that in my project that are available in the microsoft word.I have a doubt in adding table in the work area.Can any one tel the solution to my problem.

Re: How to draw a table in the richtextbox in vb.net 80 80

I do not have much experience with rich text however this link may be of use to you:


Table specs specifically are here:


Re: How to draw a table in the richtextbox in vb.net 80 80

Yes, You can draw table in richtext box.Also you can insert data in columns at the time of creating table or later stage from a data table.
I didn't see a link for vb code.But a C# based code sample can be seen in the following links.This you can easily convert in VB.NET

How to create Table in RichTextBox
How to add text in a created table in a richtextbox

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