I'm working on a project tracker/planner program.
I have a DataGridView, works properly brings the all the datas from access. Inside, I have project_id project_name ..... start_date and so on. Now what I simply want to do is, for example when I double-click on the project_name I want it to bring all the records about it. Because I have another feature that obligates everyone to report what they did daily. So, when I click on the project_name, it should bring me all the records + dates 15/05/2010, 16/05/2010... in another datagridview. Then I need to transfer from the second datagridview to another form/textbox(datas in details..it goes in a hierarchy, textbox will include only the details about one basic thing, like; what was done on 12/05/2010 (because on the same date i might have developed 3 projects but now one is choosen)). How do I do it? Thanks in advance

PS: Sorry if I was too confusing, but guess you got the general idea.

So , the CellContentClick handles the click.
If i understood you, than you have data for every project.
So after all.
You only have to show that data in a datagridview.

private void dataGridView1_CellContentClick(object sender,DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)
        dataGridView2.DataSource = "the given project's data";

Hope this helps.

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