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How??? One step at a time! First off, are you wanting to do something like the red box, block buster, or netflix?

Second off,... this will more than likely involve a database so I suggest you start there. Meaning, get the old Mark I recording device out (pencil and paper) and design your database. Now, with a netflix or a block buster type of system you will need name, address, and for security, a credit card number, which can be fictitious for testing purpose but you can find credit card number validation algorithms on the web with a search with your friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing). Then you will need to also design an inventory management system.

Once you have gathered all of the data requirements and put them down on paper, you will need to normalize your database. Once that is done, then you need to start thinking about your interface.

If you are doing a block buster type of application then you will also need to think about security as a clerk should not be able to do the same thing as a shift manager or manager, and a shift manager should not be able to do the things a manager can. So this means back to the database design...

Now, if you are doing a netflix type of thing, then you would need to goto an asp forum...

And finally, if you are doing a redbox type of thing, you will want to have a greater amount of graphics displayed as they use touch screens and largish graphics with very little data entry (name, address, security, etc)...

Good Luck

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