Hello everyone! I've been lurking the forum for quite a while and decided to come to get some help as well. :)

Right now I'm learning stacks and the like. I have to work on a program to write code to create a program that will use stacks. I'm not too sure what to do. My teacher suggested a calculator, but I haven't seen a lot of examples of that online. :(

Are there any other fun/interesting projects I could work on?

Speaking of stacks, is there anyway you could create push and pop methods without using importing Stacks? x____x this has been killing me for DAYS!

Huh. so I'm gonna explain better what i'm trying to do.

I'm working with stacks, and I'm pushing a node down the stack that contains a string value as well as a number, whenever I run the program, I get this:

[Stack.Nodo@addbf1, Stack.Nodo@42e816, Stack.Nodo@9304b1]

a little more line of codes or explanation will help. so have you answered all your above questions, what application, the "other" push pop method?

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