Hi all,
Im presently working in VB6 as well as C#.
I want same help from u.
im telling first in VB6
insert label.... right click on label.... Properties..... change backstyle ... 0-transparent......... it is good work

but when i change in c# it is not work properly....
back style was same... when i change backcolour .. 0- transparent.....it is not work also......

pls help me.

thanks in advance

So you set the BackColor to Transparent and how is it that it doesn't work? Transparent label will appear as the same color as you form control it is placed on. The color of the form comes through the label i.e. transparent. And by default a label is set to transparent in VB6, and MS Access, but in VB.Net or C# it is set to the control color (i.e the form it is placed on), because the color would be the same if it was transparent.

So maybe I don't understand what you are asking or what the issue is?