Guys...on my final year project i have to create traffic controlling system.
actually my section is retrieving the current traffic details from users mobile phone.

Let’s say a persona need to go from "A" junction to "B" junction.
so the user will send a sms to system by including the source and destination.(i.e. A B).
At that time system need to identify what are the possible paths that the user can use to go to the junction "B", with the minimum traffic count.

so .how to create a this kind of thing?. Must have to use an AI technology for this problem?.

actually at this moment what i need is just a windows form application with 2 text boxes for "source " and "destination"
and when the button is clicked the path must be displayed on a mesg box.

i am good @ c# and sql.
so can some 1 plz tele me a way to start this thing

****I have attached a image that describe the problem.


oooh my goodness. that was biggg


That is an interesting problem, and if I understood the problem correctly, your solution would be to use Dijkstra's algorithm.

An excellent visual description of this algorithm is available here:
Another great illustrated explanation can be found here:

There is also a published C# implementation you can use once you become familiar with the algorithm.

I hope this helps!

Vasiliy Deych

wow..thats cool.and i was looking for that kind of thing..
my proposal presentation is on next week,and have to work hard on this.hehehe..
\Hope you ppl can help me too.

things are cool but ,,,the thing is how to use Dijkstra's algorithm on my application..

guys...i have gone through all the sites that u people have mention here. But i have another idiot idea on this problem.that is ;
Cant i do this using some advance sql quarys.Coz 1st i can get rows that can use to go to the destination as the user ask from the system.
2nd i have to get the rows that have minimum number of traffic count from previously
selected rows.

is this possible.

But i dont no how to select the Rows that have minimum number of traffic count.

hope you guys can understand what iam telling

wow... i can use MIN function .....

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