Hi everybody,

I would like to use a XYBlockchart with the following features:

1. Highlight square when mouse is over it
2. Show tooltip (which is simple, as far as I know - just setting a flag == true)
3. Open an additional frame with a graph by double-clicking on a square

So the questions are:

Is highlighting possible at all (without too much effort)?
How do I get the the closest data point to the position I am clicking onto?

I would appreciate any help.


Please post links to other forums when you cross post a question.

Sir, yes Sir! I am sorry. It will not happen again.
Here they are, the cross-post-links:



Meanwhile I have found the solution to my own post.
It can be found among the examples coming with the jFreeChart Development Guide:

1. MouseOverDemo1.java
2. JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createBlablaChart(...,true,...); // and the tooltip is on
3. MouseListenerDemo1-4.java

Thank you anyway

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