Hi all,

I am trying to match an image of size 64 X 64 inside a 512 X 512 image. I have successfully coded the spatial normalized cross correlation (NCC) but it is taking too much time (8 sec.)

I want to perform the NCC in frequency domain. I know the formula and I tried to implement it but it is giving wrong results.

1) can anyone please tell me ... HOW TO USE FFT to calculate the NCC ? (using the image sizes above) ?

2) Also, it would be helpful if u gimme steps in terms of pseudocode.

THanx in advance.

Hi Coronax,

Welcome to DaniWeb!

Even though you are coding in c++, this is not really a c++ question. I would check with a math-y forum such as mathoverflow.net, the Mathworks forum, or physicsforum.com to see if you can get a good explanation.

Good luck!


Thanx Dave....I hope 2 get a solution before I fight and win the battle myself ;) ....!!

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