Visual C++ is an absolutely big environment. Currently, I'm working on windows forms applications. I tried to search for tutorials but the only thing I found was scattered information in MSDN Microsoft website.

How is it possible to learn windows forms separately?Is there a book out there?

Anyway, I'm going to stick to the point.
I've tried this code to show a message but it does not give any sound


Also what is the code for error messages and ho do I specify their icons

Thank you all in advance

MessageBox.Show() has several overloaded functions. Read the list here and you will see how to do that.

As for books -- search and you will find them.

Thank you for the reply but I searched this list and couldn't find anything regarding error messages and the "beeb" sound for example

The beep sound is generated by the operating system, not MessageBox. Go to Control Panel, then Sounds. But you can also call the win32 api function Beep() if you want to generate your own sound.

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