Hi all

my program is all finished !
i have a VS2008 solution which includes 4 projets
program A ,Program B , an install program and a setup and deploymet program.

the setup program is a a short program which should run once when installing the solution (builds the DB) . i put the output in the commit section in the deployment project and its seems to work.

my problem is with program A and B.
i added a radiobuttons user interface dialog, and i want to put a desktop shortcut depending of program A or B depending on the user's pick . and to pass arguments to the program as well.

how do i retrieve the radio buttons pick ?


The RadioButton screen has a ButtonProperty property. The text there defines an installer variable name which is assigned either Button1Value or Button2Value.
On your ProjectOutput for program A and B set the Condition property to test the value of this installer variable. E.G.
program A Condition : BUTTON2=1
program B Condition : BUTTON2=2
Then only the program selected is installed.