I'm newbie for using VB. I'm trying to develop code for calculate dimension of part.
The concepts are :
1. Get input from user via textbox(Form1)
2. Module 1 take value from Form1.textbox and keep for reference.
3. Module 2 use value from module 1 to calculate
4. Module 3 use value from module 2 to display via Form2,Form3,Form4 respectively.

I'm not sure this is the suitable program by using module method.
I have no idea to develop modular code refer this concept.
Anybody can give me a guidance.

Thanks in advance.

What you are talking about is the creation and use of class modules or better yet, "Objects"... ie OOD... and while you could do these things with this design methodology, it is a bit of overkill... but with that said, I would also think that to learn this programming methodology, this simple project you are talking about would be a good starting point...

Friends Time (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) vb6 class module tutorial...

Good Luck