Hello All,
This is regarding my project which is about an Application through which I can Send SMS to any mobile phone. I have googled a lot and finally stumbled upon this link.
Its quite a famous link, My problem is that I have downloaded the application, It works fine. But I have to modify it according to my requirements.

When we connect a phone, It loads the receive sms form, which is not required, instead I need SEND SMS form,
Also it is very difficult to remove all other features that are creating a mess. Please help me, I just want to code upto,
Connect a Phone, and then SEND sms, nothing else, please review once.

GSMComm object comm has a SendMessage

The code in the article uses GSMComm library. If you only need to send SMS, why not use GSMComm library directly. Basically all you need is 1) connect to mobile, 2) call SendMessage and 3) disconnect. You could even make it as a console app if you want for example a notification to your mobile from a server etc. There's a few command line email sending applications to be used from the batch files.