Hi all

We need an assembly routine that will show
a picture (graphic file like bmp jpg etc.) in a console mode
application written in pascal .

This routine will be embedded within the PASCAL source.
It will dedicate a portion of the console app to dispaly a picture

Any ideas please ?



Save an uncompressed TGA or BMP file.
Download the header specification, extract width, depth, bits per pixel information from it. Then write your raw loader. Start with a 24 or 32-bit image it will be easier. Keep it small!!!!!!!

Then once it works, try a nice picture.

Then use a one or two color image (in 24/32-bit) compressed and start working on compression logic.

Then visit loading 256 color images, which use an internal color palette. It's information will be part of the data just after the header!

When working with writing graphics loaders, always work with simplified images before trying to load more complex ones. You'll see runs of the pixel and can debug it more easily. Keep it open in a paint program and use the eyedropper to view color information as well as x,y.