First off, I am new to this forum so please forgive me for any traditions that you all usually keep that I haven't kept.

Currently, I am a java programmer, but I am recently trying to learn scheme for a project.

In terms of java swing, can someone explain to be how everything gui is connected in scheme/racket.

Things which i am looking for in explainations:

Panels (ex. Color, position, size)
Windows vs Frames
Key-events (how manage what these events will do when activated) (keyboard)
Images/Bitmap importation

Maybe a simple program, if one of you guys have time, would be the best way for explainations. Nevertheless, any bit of info is great.

Thank you for all help. Really do appreciate it.

Nobody can, unless you are lucky enough to run into somebody who's an expert on both Swing and Racket. See and look at the GUI toolkit documentation. Racket's documentation is excellent.

it doesn't have to be a complete translation...just a different explainations from through another prespective

thank you

i will read the documentation to learn it to my best.

You can look through the manual first (see the gui manual in the docs, where Rashakil pointed to), and you can also see some sample code in the Racket sources -- for example, see the games collection. Also, you can subscribe to the Racket mailing list ( and ask there to get more effective replies.

where can i find the game collection? can u link me.

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