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I am working on an application that is all about its interface. I want a very remote control accessible media browsing application. The Browsing is done. but playing video keeps getting complicated.

using DirectX is no problem, using the managed direct X video object works. But looks bad, doesn't preserve aspect ratio and has tons of memory leaks. So using directshow.net as a wrapper to avoid interlop you can easily create filter graphs to play video. But I can't seem to get any good looking video.

by default, rendering a file uses VMR7. But VMR9 preservers aspect ratio and supports a "windowless" mode that automatically draws to the surface of a handle you specify. Only problem is in windowless mode. It looks BAD! the image is blocky, it just looks unwatchable to me. so I trued windowed mode where I set the owner of the window to be my control and the style to be child. STILL LOOKS BLOCKY.

using "renderless" mode. whatever that means (i've read everthing i can find and its still unclear) It looks better, but when I child it and own it to my control suddenly it looks bad again, aspect ratio is wrong, and it studders.

I know that windows media player uses direct show to play its videos. So what are they doing that I am doing wrong?

If anyone knows how to use direct show to play a video on the surface of a control and have it look actual source quality please throw me some answers. I'm frustrated.

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