I'm looking for a lightweight audio/video converter that can at least handle an .avi to .iso conversion. I'd like a stand-alone product that doesn't require a full installation (preferable but not a requirement).

Anyone have any suggestions? I don't need a feature-rich app just something to handle the above stated issue. Thanks.

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found this tool as well, but never tried:

Thanks, I really just need to convert one .avi to DVD ISO so I don't need anything with bells and whistles. I'm going to use AVI2ISO (I'm converting a movie to DVD someone gave me to watch). Thanks again.


try DVD Creator, I always use this tool, it works fine. you can input the avi files and output as ISO. it's easy.

Thank you, I found one I'm going to use. I should have mentioned that I only need to convert one .avi to DVD. This is why I was looking for a lightweight program, I didn't want something that was going to leave a big footprint since I probably wouldn't be using it that often, if at all.

I've heard of DVD Creator, is this a full-fledged DVD manipulation program? Meaning, does it rip and burn to disc in lieu of creating the ISOs? I download most of my software so I'm constantly burning DVDs. I used to use Cyberlink and then Nero but when I installed Windows Server 2008 R2 I had to switch to yet another program because Nero doesn't support Windows Server. Now I use ImgBurn and I love it.

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