I create two table in the MS SQL server so I need to retrieve file from this two table into one datagrid in the vb programming will it be work. I have a unique key that is badge id. So when I key it then it will get data from this two table but this two table will contain bit different of data one is new user which show an active data and one is old data user that show unactive id badge so will it be work of this table structure. Beside that in the datagrid it also can direct edit of it. So it this table structure correct ??

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Okay, if one table is a listing of ID badges and the other table is a log table of when that badge is used (login/logout) then yes, that sounds like the correct database structure.

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Another PM...

Hi just now you reply me post thank a lot.

I want to tell you more detail and point out if i'm wrong.

1. I have an badge ID need to get data from two different table.
2. One table is contain a new user of that badge ID, another table contain the previous user of the badge id.
3. After get the data it will show on the data grid of the vb program.
4. The data grid will show all the information of the two table further more it can edit the data inside the data grid.

So can it work if i do like that, i need to know before i write the code. I not sure i need your opion

Okay, I understand a little more...

You have a badge table, an inuse table, and a history table...

Well, from everything you said, if I understood you correctly, it sounds like you should be able to do everything that you want. However, there are a lot of different things that you want to do, so I would suggest you break it down into small tasks and if you need any help on one of those tasks, don't be afraid to post you question.

Good Luck

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