Hi All!

Can anybody please tell me that how closely Android Application Development is associated with Java. That is, is it possible for a person working in Android Development to work on Core Java or J2EE oe J2SE ever?

Let me make my question a bit more clear: " As Android is based on Java, but does it depends on Java so well that a person from the Android development side can work in Core Java or J2EE or in J2SE.?

Seeking really to know this now.


Android has this thing called "Dalvik" which is its own version of Java Virtual Machine. Dalvik doesnt support most of the common J2SE and J2ME classes (like Frame, Panels, etc, etc.). So, an android developer would find it hard to develop applications for Other OS (linux/mac/win) becuase he/she would have to learn the core/advanced concepts from the scratch

lond story short: It is very easy for a Java Programmer to develop applications for Android, but vice versa, is not that easy as the programmer has to learn advance java concepts from scratch.