Hi friends,

im using VS 2008 TS. For the last few weeks i was having this problme that i cannot connect to the SQL sever from my Crystal reports data source config. When i try to craete a new connection it doesnt display any DB server in the server drop down.
I use SQL server 2005 std.

I had this problem before too but for somthing i did or someone did to my config started o work but not this time. I was told to change the SQL server instance name to a name that does not have special chars and i did that too still has the same issue.

i have attached a screen shot of the issue im on about:

please provide to a fix this back pain crystal reports issue : )


why don't you take the connection string from the other form?

I assume that you have the connection up and running somewhere else in those forms.

If you can't find it. Just do


Replace Conn with you connection.