I'm new to C# and I have a project on video streaming. It is to stream video from a media server to a mobile UI (smartphone interface) using microsoft visual C#. Please, how can this be done. Thanks in advance!

Wow, run before you can walk?
When you say you are new to C#, are you moving over from another language?
If you arent familiar with all the structures and concepts involved with a coding language then you'd be best to start with something simpler and work your way up.

It's a project given to me in school. I'm not moving over from another language and this is totally new. I need to know if it is achievable (this project). Really need help. Thanks!

I'm fairly sure its acheivable, i just question wether its advisable to someone new to programming. There are likely to be some very steep learning curves if you are to tackle it.
You could start by checking out some of the info on the compact framework which is what runs on mobile windows devices.

Thanks so much for the info. I sent you a private message, don't know if you have gotten it.

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