I know the password.

I want to crawl all the post of my gf's xanga down to my comp, for better reading.
But my gf have set "require friend login" to see her post.
So I need to login my id of xanga before reading her post.

What I want to ask is,
can we write a program that know how to get pass the password and crawl the webpage?
I know the password, because that is my id.

Thanks All.

HttpUrlConnection or HttpsUrlConnection. It is possible to use Cookies and post requests and authentication with both of them. Search for some tutorials concerning them.

I think the sign in button is in javascript
I am stucked in here

<a id="signin" href="javascript: SigninSubmit();" tabindex="3">Sign In</a>

So look at what that function does.

It's probably no more than a post request. And, if you don't know what I mean by that, then you need to study HTML and Http in general before you continue here.

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