Hi, I've just finished writing a Pong game with Python and pygame and thought it would be cool to make it multiplayer over the net with a friend. So, I changed my old asynchat-based instant messaging server into a server for this multiplayer Pong game.

The only bad thing about this is the fact that there is a noticeable network delay between the two machines (the movement of the opponent paddle lags). Is there any way to get past this? Currently, each machine does all of the processing and simply sends the Y-coordinate of the user's paddle to the server, which forwards it to the other user. Is this a very inefficient setup or will it work?

So, is it possible to reduce the delay of the game? How do the big online games work?

Thanks in advance.

Can you show, or at lest say wich type of server you implemented?

You can use the sockets as files, passing and reading from them the coordinates.

A p2p setup seems to be better, especially in a LAN setup

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