I'm a computer graduate, working on java programming since an year.I'm just writing programs all the time and didnot get a chance to implement any of the engineering practices that I have studied at college.
Now I've got a month free time and tell me some interesting things I could work myself in software engineering.
I'm interested in computer networking, software testing, UML and software engineering fields.
I wanted to write (and publish) research papers... pls guide me how to.

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There is nothing to say here, you just said you finished Software Engineering, you have been playing around with code for a year, Create a project on your own, I am making a custom game engine in Java, full networking, if you are VERY interested in networking, try and write a network library for an MMORPG, were there is one master server. If you are EVEN more motivated, do this ALONG with 3d vertices and write a 3d game engine in Java. Do whatever man, there should be a ton of ideas flowing around in your mind, the computer can do anything you tell it to do, just think hard :D.

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