Hello Every one ,
I am getting problem in publisihing and deploying web site actually i have published and deployed the website correctly but i m getting problem on inserting the data to database where as retrival of data from database is happening well,
anyone having solution to this problem plz help me out

What would likely REALLY help here would be for you to provide samples of your code on the INSERT statement portion of your web-app.

Hard to provide a solution if we can't see the problem :) Possibly any error results you're getting would be helpful as well.

Edit: What would also be helpful is if you posted once instead of twice with the same question in 2 forums :twisted: Since this is an ASP.Net question it should have only been posted in the ASP.Net forum not there and here.

It would probably be best if you kept your follow-up to this in the ASP.Net post as you're more likely to get web-app designers answering you there.