Hello Every one ,
I am getting problem in publisihing and deploying web site actually i have published and deployed the website correctly but i m getting problem on inserting the data to database where as retrival of data from database is happening well,
anyone having solution to this problem plz help me out

As I indicated in my reply to your other (misplaced in C#) post, it would be helpful to those who are trying to help you out if you would provide some additional information.

1) Would you be able to post here any errors you are receiving so we can perhaps figure a general area that the problem may reside in
2) Would you be able to post here any code related to the area you are having difficulty with (that would be the INSERT/UPDATE segments in comparison to your 'working' SELECT segments)

Believe me, I wish I could read minds because then I'd have a lot more money than I do but without that handy ability I still require people to give me information to work with before I can produce results :twisted: