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hi to all

I have found some code using google for listview printing. I modified the code base on my needs. I have some problem if the list view more than one pages. It will not stop counting "Generating Previews" of my document. If I press the cancel it was display the data in multiple pages but the same content.

Any suggestion would greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Here is the code

Public Sub pd_PrintPage(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintPageEventArgs)
    Dim pd As New PrintDocument
    Dim CurrRow As Integer = 0
    Dim Ratio As Single = 0
    Dim c As ColumnHeader
    Dim g As Graphics = e.Graphics
    Dim l As Integer = 0 'stores current left  
    Dim iCount As Integer
    Dim f As Font = lsvToPrint.Font
    Dim FontBold As New System.Drawing.Font("Microsoft Sans Serif", 10, FontStyle.Bold)
    Dim b As Brush = Brushes.Black
    Dim currentY As Integer = 0
    Dim maxY As Integer = 0
    Dim gap As Integer = 5
    Dim lvsi As ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem
    Dim colLefts(lsvToPrint.Columns.Count) As Integer
    Dim colWidths(lsvToPrint.Columns.Count) As Integer
    Dim idx As Integer = 0
    Dim ii As Integer
    Dim lr As RectangleF
    e.HasMorePages = False

    'Page Settings  
    Dim PSize As Integer = lsvToPrint.Items.Count
    Dim PHi As Double
    With pd.DefaultPageSettings
      Dim Ps As PaperSize
      PHi = PSize * 20 + 350
      Ps = New PaperSize("Cust", 800, PHi)
      .Margins.Top = 15
      .Margins.Bottom = 20
      .PaperSize = Ps
    End With

    Dim sfc As New StringFormat
    sfc.LineAlignment = StringAlignment.Center
    sfc.Alignment = StringAlignment.Center

    Dim headfont As Font
    Dim X1 As Integer
    Dim Y As Integer
    headfont = New Font("Courier New", 16, FontStyle.Bold)
    X1 = pd.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Left
    Y = pd.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Top + 5
    With pd.DefaultPageSettings
      e.Graphics.DrawLine(Pens.Black, 0, Y + 70, e.PageBounds.Width, Y + 70)
    End With

    currentY = 100
    For Each c In lsvToPrint.Columns
      maxY = Math.Max(maxY, g.MeasureString(c.Text, f, c.Width).Height)
      colLefts(idx) = l
      colWidths(idx) = c.Width
      lr = New RectangleF(colLefts(idx), currentY, colWidths(idx), maxY) 
      If lr.Width > 0 Then g.DrawString(c.Text, FontBold, b, lr, sfc)
      l += c.Width
      idx += 1
    currentY += maxY + gap
    g.DrawLine(Pens.Black, 0, currentY, e.PageBounds.Width, currentY)
    currentY += gap
    iCount = lsvToPrint.Items.Count - 1
    For ii = CurrRow To iCount
      If (currentY + maxY + maxY) > e.PageBounds.Height Then 'jump down another line to see if this line will fit  
        CurrRow = ii - 1
        e.HasMorePages = True

        currentY += maxY + gap

        Exit For 'does next page  

      End If

      l = 0
      maxY = 0
      idx = 0

      For Each lvsi In lsvToPrint.Items(ii).SubItems
        maxY = Math.Max(maxY, g.MeasureString(lvsi.Text, f, colWidths(idx)).Height)

        lr = New RectangleF(colLefts(idx), currentY, colWidths(idx), maxY)

        If lsvToPrint.Columns(idx).Text <> "Name" Then
          If lr.Width > 0 Then g.DrawString(lvsi.Text     , f, b, lr, sfc)
          If lr.Width > 0 Then g.DrawString(lvsi.Text, f, b, lr)
        End If
        idx += 1
      currentY += maxY + gap
End Sub
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