I'm trying to make a window with Windows API. Whenever I run my application, the buttons look like Windows 98 buttons. How do I make the buttons look like XP buttons on Windows XP and Win7 buttons on Windows 7?

My compiler is Mingw.

    0, "BUTTON", "OK",
    10, 10, 50, 25,
    hwnd, (HMENU)com, hInstance, NULL

Not sure of your requirements as far as compilers go, but have you tried looking into C#? *prepares flame shield* From my experience, unless I'm writing financial software or guiding missiles down chimneys, I prefer C# for anything GUI based. However, you may have a restriction against this for some reason.

commented: For better or worse that seems to be M$'s strategy +4

I don't work with C# or .net, I work with C++.

Have you tried Qt - It's fairly mainstream now.