When I try to compile my project, I get 138 errors about the include files in VC++ 2008:


Thanks in advance,

That's nasty.. I hate VC++! I think you must be missing some headers, or at least VC++ doesn't find them.. these things are hard to find by yourself, especially since VC++ is probably the compiler with the least useful error messages (no back-tracing!).

What I do in these cases, I just copy one entire error message and google it, then the next and the next... I can bet you that others have had the exact same problem, and eventually you find a forum thread or other web source with the solution. (if you find it, post it back here as well, just to increase chances for the next poor fella who runs into these errors)

Relax, all the errors are essentially the same, so probably only one solution will fix'em all. And it probably has nothing to do with your code but with the installation and the paths to the includes.

Just wondering, but what is your IDE of choice? Thanks for the help as well.

Well I'm a linux user... so my IDE of choice is KDevelop (compiler is of course gcc, as provided by linux), for debugging: gdb (for line-stepping) and valgrind (for memory issues), although I rarely use them.. one of the perks of having a lot of experience.

For windows, I used to do all my programming with Borland C++Builder, but now it is a bit outdated. I heard many people like Code::Blocks for windows, and its free, so is the newest versions of Visual C++ Express (but you need to install the compiler separately and do some configuration work, I think..).

I don't know why, but there's something about Code::Blocks that I cannot stand. I would put Wubi on my desktop, but I don't have a spare SATA cable for the DVD Drive. I've got two hard drives, one of which uses the DVD drive's cable.

When and if my high school changes our email addresses to *.edu, I'll be able to get the full version of VS for free. By the way, what is you distro?

vc_attributes is part of some CodeAnalysis 'framework' by Microsoft( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms182036(VS.90).aspx ). Are you using someone else's code or a 3rd party library ? Or is it your intention to use this source code analysis/annotation ?

I develop for Linux and Windows so I use Code::Blocks (there is a new version out now, since 2 months.. it has improved a lot since the official version before this was 2 years old).

Kubuntu 9.10 (waiting for 10.10.. with KDE > 4.4), I personally just have it installed on an external drive (but not flash), this way I avoid messing with the windows boot-loader.. just plug my harddrive before starting and I get into linux, leave it unplugged and I get to windows (which I keep for games and the engineering software I have to use for my work).

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