I'm new to assembly, and I've looked through the sources i know. Could someone please tell me what this means:

move.l -8(%fp),0(%a0,%d0.l)

I believe it translates to 21AEFF0800

00 10 000 110 101 110 111111110000100000000000

move long n=0 dest=? n=5 sour=? Followed by who knows what

Thanks for your help

i could be way off ecause im still learning the code syntax you posted but wouldnt it be sumin like

move long 8 bytes ahead of register fp, into (maybe) 0 bytes into register a0 & d0.1

I have no clue and am guestemating from my very limited knoledge but i hope i may have helped either direct / or indirect

if you have any ideas on my prob i could use sum help, its posted here, fpu reg printing problem.