May i have a sample code for log in and password under vb6.
Please help....

It_Girl, I would gladly help, but we do have rules to abide by. What have you designed thus far? Are you stuck on a particular problem?

Reply to above and I will gladly give you some sample code.

Use search engine like google, yahoo.

Hey It Girl, first you going to need a table in Access to do it my way..
Call the table Users..with 'Username' and 'Password' field(populate the table with at least 2records)
Try out the code below editin where necessary..

dim counter as integer

Loginsucceeded = False
Do While Not DataEnvironment.rsUsers.EOF
If TXTusername.Text = DataEnvironment.rsUsers.Fields!UserName Then

Loginsucceeded = True
End If

If txtpassword.Text = DataEnvironment.rsUsers.Fields!Password Then
Loginsucceeded = True
Unload Me
End If
Exit Do

If Loginsucceeded = False Then

MsgBox "Invalid UserName Password Combination !", , "Login"

Counter = Counter + 1
If Counter = 2 Then
MsgBox "Password Trials Expired", vbExclamation, "Password Error"
Unload Me
End If
End If

End Sub


will you send me the sample code of the automated clinic management system?.. thank you.. i am really needing it.

commented: No, you are really needing to do your own homework or fail. -2

ey Arpee wat dyou really mean automated clinic mgt sys.. that is a whole lot of codes

Specify a code handling a specific item.. in the system.

Arpee you must show proof of your effor before others can help you also you should not jack other people's thread please start your own instead

Hi it_girl,
Go to this link http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread287173.html and download 'Login Example with MS Access DB.zip' that I have uploaded. I hope you will learn something from that attachment.
For Arpee I would like to request to post your thread as new topic/thread so that your thread will get the answer.

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