I just recently finished my CIS101 and 201 classes for C++. My instructor says i show alot of promise and i really enjoy coding. but here is my problem:

The semester is over and this next semester i won't be taking any CIS classes(need to get some general edu out of the way). I want to continue learning and developing as a software engineer, but i work best when working towards a goal. more specifically a project. I don't do well just reading through a book or writing little command line programs that no one else would ever use.

i need good ideas for a project that will help me develop. It would also be cool if it could involve 2d graphics, maybe a game. but i don't know where to begin. I am completely versed in the language but have no experience with any other libraries other than the standard stuff(iostream, fstream, cstdlib, etc.). If anyone could give me some good ideas as well as some links to what libraries to use and some good tutorials for learning them i would be greatly appreciative.

thank you all for your time,

Ok, first how much of C++ concepts have you learned? In fact, to be more general how much of programming concepts have you learned? Any data structure training? Know
what a pure virtual base class destructor is ? Do you know when is the right
time to use the friend keyword? Do you know anything about how memory works? Or what
type of memory is used in C++? Do you know all the keyword in C++?

Well if your confident enough, then a really good way to get better is to program more. I was in your position a year and 1/2 ago. Finished my programming class. And
I was left with semi knowledge about programming, but because I Love programming, and
I have a passion for it, I went to become a better programmer by doing practice problems, learning the intricate details of C++, and went to program 2d/3d games.

So I recommend to you that you start out doing a lot of practice problems, a lot.
Then after you become comfortable with your language, then go on to incorporate graphics into your projects.

Yes i know about all those things i just lack practice. but that problem you gave is really interesting looking. i think i'll work on that presently, thank you soo much!

BTW are there any good places to go for little projects like that online?
also, for when i feel i'd like to give it a try: can you suggest the best library for 2d game programming in C++ and perhaps some tutorials?

If you want and are ok with low level things then i think openGL might be what you are looking for for basic 2d. but it can do some pretty intense things when you get there. I think it is better than directX for 2d apps but thats my opinion in which alas i also have little expiernce but i have built a few silly openGL apps to try some features. There are great resources for learning openGL online such as NEHE which allot of programmers reccomend. For a cheap book with good coverage of features to get you on your way (its quite short but to the point and well written) Beginning openGL game programming published by thomson and as far as im aware writtin by the guys at or affliated with gamedev.net I have it and find it good as the openGL redbook gives you apps using glut and i dont like glut atall (i find it clumsy restricitve and it fails on VSC++2008pro and express editions) But using the information in this book and a little google i was able to convert the code to be bigger and better (imo - i added some features anyway) using normal openGL.

Hope this helps and if you want someone in a similar position to bounce ideas off or work with give me a shout im always up for a project that will expand my knoweladge

What I did and am still doing is when I suddenly think of something that would be cool to make, and isn't unrealistically complicated with my current knowledge, I would start programming that with some new functions that I have no prior experience with. For example - when I found out about creating your own functions, I wrote an ultra simple calculator with functions for even just displaying text. Even though it was perhaps a bit overdone, it worked and I learnt how to code my own functions.

So when you need a project, use stuff that you have no experience of. I am working on a sudoku generator right now, and it's proving to be quite a challenge! However, I decided at the start of the project NOT to Google possble algorithms, so it's actually quite fun at the same time.

hello there, i have just joined Daniweb community, it seems it will help me a lot.. hey friends i am doing my BE in VTU.. I am in my 3rd year now, just entered in fact.. i have just finished my C and C++ courses,, i hope i have sound knowledge about those, i will be having DBMS and Software engineering subjects in my coming semesters. How should be my approach towards programming?? please give me some tips.. I like programming a lot..