I need to create an application (or find one application) that copies files from a computer to another, across the internet to create automatic backups. The target computer is a company server to which i have phisical access. The "source" computer(s) (several computers in several clients, that we - company, have also phisical acess).

Solutions like teamviewer, PcAnywhere,... just don't fit because we already use them but they don't allow to create automatic backups.

Does anyone knows how can i copy files across the internet, using VB .NET, from one computer to another?

My thanks in advanced

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Search in internet for FTP... u may get some idea.. U need to write broker service which will be running in ur server.

Thank for your answer.

We've already tried ftp, but we aren't being able to access the server because of the router. When we try over our network, everything works fine, but when we try over the internet we don't have access. Our technician did not (yet) found a way to overcome this problem, that's why we are trying a solution, other than ftp.

Save the files in DB and read from your .Net app or windows service. U can create copy whatever you want, But will not be fast as FTP... This is my idea.. Experts in forum may give there idea's too... :)

You might want to have a look at SyncBack. It comes in three versions:

SynBack Pro $55
SyncBack SE $35
SyncBack Basic (Free)

The free version supports scheduled backups. You can compare all three versions here

It is highly configurable. You can select many options on backup such as what to do when files exist in the source or destination but not in the other, what to do on differing file dates, etc. The free version should do what you want. It also supports copying via FTP. If you want to go even more basic you can use robocopy (which supports continuous run mode with monitor-for-changes). I'd suggest SyncBack as a first try.

Thank you Reverend Jim, i think that is exactly what we need!!!

Glad to help. I had a boss who was pretty tight with the budget so I had to find ways to do more with less. SyncBack was one of those little gems. Please mark this thread as solved.

have u tried rsync?

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