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hey Dear members i want to learn asp.net but i am little confuse which is best for beginner any easy is it VB or C#

which ever you feel easy you can start, i prefer you to start C#

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New development is very rarely developed using vb.net.. So better start with C#. it helps in long run.. Its not difficult to learn. Once ur used to vb.net then it will be difficult to swicth to c#.. Choice is urs.. :)


i have created a sign in page and i have add roles, basically i m using login tools which help me to make a user registration form without coding...now further i want to made online quiz system... i have added 3 tables in aspnetdb.mdf which is by default made in app_data folder of my project. table one is about subjects( subID, SubName, description) table 2 is Questionnaire (QuestionID, Question, SubID) and table 3 is Options(OptionID, QuestionID, Option, OptionNo, Is-Any)....

now what should i do further?
i am going to attach my project.... plz check it and help me.... thanx


Dear kaleemafridi,

Please open new thread. do not post in someone else post.. And check ur posting in approiriate forum. This is for vb.net not ASP.NET.


Thanks everybody i have alittle knowledge about C++ i learnt it some just the end of loops, should I go for C# for further

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