recently i have known that there is graphics in c++,so i searched in the internet for a step by step tutorial that i can draw frames buttons textboxes comboboxes labels and others but i can't find anything and this weird because you can find tutorials for all languages except graphics in C++!!!.
so can you help me!
thank you.:)

you can use QT it's work for all platform and easy to learn and Open source

If you're talking about windows based applications, get yourself a copy of visual studio express C++ (free) and start working on some windows tutorials. There is a pretty comprehensive, pre-made GUI for all of this under file->new->project->Windows form application, then play about with the toolbar and use tutorials to do the absolute basics.

If you're looking to make your own equivalent... well I've pretty much made one in DirectX9c and I can assure you, it'll take the best part of a year AFTER you've gained basic knowledge of the language before it'll be in a stable enough state to use.

If you're talking about 3d graphics, get a book (or more) on DirectX and be prepared for a huge timesink... probably years before you can develop anything of any substance if you decide to work alone (which tbh, is the best way when you're first starting out).

If you are using graphics in window then VC++ is best tool. If it is Unix system then check for ncurses.h or X-Windows.

thank you but i don't know i completely lost here,i have VS 2005 and i use VB.net.
but i want to write in an empty project my own program in C++ but graphics.
so windows form i saw it right now but why i will used it if i know vb.net ,so i need to write in an empty project using windows.h library ,so can you help me please!
thank you.

Sorry but I have to ask... If you already know a .NET Language why are you trying to build an App using C++ Forms? It's far easier to do it in C#/VB than in C++

If you really do want to use it in C++ then something called MFC is probably your best bet as it allows you to create a Windows Forms application in a similar style to .NET