good morning guys

I have a question that am hoping someone can answer for me

I am using vs 2008, and have put the sql database into a program that is being built. the database fields all work fine...I am able to make entries, save it, close it out and then re open it...and the entries are there.

the problem is this:

I got this brainwave (lol) to add a notes/comments field to the form..and well, that part doesnt save. The database fields are all there and saved...but whatever I type in the notes field is gone.

I do not know squat about this database that comes with the vs 8 I guess what I am asking is this:
how do I get the notes/comments box to save along with the field entries? I just assumed that it would this automatically in the database program, obviously I was mistaken. I am not sure if this can be done in the first place! lol..

really dont think that making a menu item for saving the notes is an option because wont it then save into a folder..seperate from the database entries?? if so, that just wont work :(

or is it easier to just take the freakin thing out and move on..LOL

ummmmmm..okay I did find out why the notes field is not being saved..but I dont know how to fix it.

the notes field is not being saved for the simple reason of I FORGOT TO ADD THAT FIELD when I was building the table (duhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!)

so, now my question is this: can someone tell where to go to in here to add that field to the table?? please dont tell me I have to rebuild it...

What database are you using?Is is mysql, oracle or microsoft sql?Please specify,
so that I can explain to you what you should do..