I have compiled a project and are now doing a setup of this using the software "Inno Setup Compiler"

What I wonder is this:
This project that I am doing a setup of is done in Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition.

Now if the user doesnt have the .NET Framework 3.5 on the computer, this software will not work so this setup will download and install it with a script that I have coded in the Inno Setup.

Now, this file is big as 197 MB and takes very long time to install:

My question is if everything in this file is needed in order to make the software to work. Perheps there is any other file that is much less in size that includes the nessecary components ?

Thank You!

There is a new 'type' of framework, called the .net Framework 4 Client .. something.

It's much smaller because it doesn't include the server-side stuff that a client doesnt really need anyway. You can try to install this to see if it will work.
I'm no .net developer so I may be totally wrong but it is worth a shot.