I've got a small project that I'm working on, and the core *.exe that I'm building has a decent amount of dependancies. I keep this, right now, in a folder of all the includes and a *.lib file for all the implementations. My question is, is there a way to package all the *.h files up with the *.cpp dependancies so I can just have one file to include? It would simplify distribution to colleagues I'm working with. Would this be a *.dll?

Kyle Zielinski

When you distributed the final program all you give them is the *.exe or *.dll, whichever type your compiler builds. You do NOT give them the source file -- *.h, *.c, *.cpp or *.lib.

Sorry, that was my lack of clarification. The *.exe we're building is a little simulation, but needs to be rebuilt many times based on slight changes to the architectural model we're simulating. Long story short, they need to actually do the compiling of the *.exe on their end, not just the execution.

Trying to figure out the easiest way possible to give them everything they need to run the build on their end, and that's why I was hoping there was some way to package it into one file, instead of sending a *.lib and a folder of includes.

If they have to recompile then they will need all the source files. Use WinZip to zip it up and give them that.

Figured that was the case, was just hoping there was a one shot kill. :) Thanks!

You might be able to save them some time if you can make a library out of the files that do not need to be changed. Just start a library project, add the files to it, compile, and give them the *.lib along with all the *.h files.

That's more or less where I'm at right now, with the *.lib and the *.h files. I just wanted to cram the *.h files into the same package. Seems like it would be a useful ability in some situations.

They can't compile the program without everything. Again, zip them up.