please i need fast answer about this i want to make Table but i guess i do something wrong can anyone tell me what the wrong i have done it


using namespace std;

void main()
char t=[3][3];
if (t[1][1]=x)
cout >> t[1][2]=o;

thanks very match :)

um well i would do it like that. i would make a table in a database and link it into C++.

i would use somthing like access but its up to you.

im not sure how to do tables any other way so im sorry

oh you can also do it in flat files. you can do it by taking a string and putting it into a flat file. and then placing the next information somewhere else in the file.

for example if you opened a flat file it could say

somthing like that by taking user input putting it into a string then putting it into a file and adding a "::" on the end to serprate your data. somthing like this

cout << username << "::";

here is where you can look at how to read and write to files.

hope this helps you a little