what is the best C++ IDE that i can consider it as strtting point to use it in developing

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Either Code::Blocks or VC++ 2010 Express, both are free.

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Now ?
can any one tell me what the better (c++Builder2010) or (Visual Studio 2010)
Why ? (IN Details);

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never used c++ Builder 2010, so can't answer that.

Well, I used to work with C++Builder (the older versions, like 5 to 7) and I have always like it much better than the Visual C++ versions of the time. I don't know how much both have changed since and how they compare now. But I would say that C++Builder is much better integrated with the GUI design and the VCL/CLX component libraries (or whatever they call it now) really kick some serious butt. Especially since Borland is a RAD company (Rapid Application Development) and most of their business is about Database integration into large management-style software. I haven't worked a lot with Databases, but I remember a tutorial in C++Builder which was about creating an almost-fully-functional "Excel" software without writing a single line of code, only using VCL's plug-and-play implementation with Databases. And it also comes with all sorts of separate advanced Database tools, that I never used or know much about. Another nice feature of C++Builder (at least the older versions) is that the Borland compiler is built on top of a Delphi compiler which is immensely faster then other C++ compilers (code that I compile now with GCC in about 45 minutes, I used to compile with C++Builder in about 30 seconds).

Yet again, don't think that Visual C++ 2010 does not have a ton of awesome features too (especially code re-factoring tools) and probably links well with Microsoft stuff, if you can bare the pain of it... I'm a Linux guy, so I use KDevelop and Qt 4 Designer which are well integrated with each other and full of features, but I guess you are in windows.

I use Borland C++Builder ,it is fast and you don't need runtime librarys.
Vc++ builder may have many qualities but it's not fast. In all major compilers, it builds by far the slower binaries.
Then vc.net and gcc 3.2 are almost equals in speed (gcc 3.2 is far more standard compliant). Finally icc (intel c++ compiler) is the faster compiler but it only works for x86. This compiler is able to produce simd code automatically when it's needed.

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C++ Builder more speed than (.NET) , it is RAD , So i can make Enterprise Application In Easy Way ,i think these days to Go to VC++2010 , if it better ,

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